Blutera Tech offers a staff with years of knowledge and practical experience.   Currently we have on staff security administrators, network engineers, programmers, helpdesk personnel, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) specialists and system administrators.

In short, we offer a complete Information Technology Department similar to one at a large corporation, which is available to your company in an on-call manner.

Your business will only become more dependent on technology in the coming years. We offer a wide range of services to support your complex business needs.

When we create a service plan, count on us to perform:

  • Correct problems, Test, and Verify
  • Assigned dedicated Technician with regular on site visits.
  • Assigned dedicated Technician as single point of contact for all issues.
  • Scheduled management meetings to discuss progress and problems.
  • Create/audit business continuity plan.
  • Identify cost saving opportunities.
  • Identify how to leverage current assets.
  • Make recommendations to better secure network.